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Moroccan Hammam/Facial Treatments/Waxing

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Moroccan Hammam

A Hammam Treatment is a Moroccan body treatment involving steam and cleansing black soap. We specializes in authentic Moroccan Hammam (5% VAT Inclusive On All Prices)
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Herbal Hammam (Women) 27,300.00
Herbal Hammam (Men) 25,000.00
Chocolate Scrub 29,400.00
Coffee Scrub 26,250.00
Thai Female Secret 10,500.00
Marakindo Hamman (Men) 25,200.00
Marakindo Hamman (Women) 21,000.00
Hamman fassi (Acne) (Men) 32,550.00
Hamman fassi (Acne) (Women) 27,300.00
Hamman Oriental (Men) 25,200.00
Hamman Oriental (Women) 21,000.00
Hamman Amira (for dry Skin) (Women) 31,500.00
Hamman Amira (for dry Skin) (Men) 42,000.00
Gold Body Wrap (Men) 36,750.00
Gold Body Wrap (Suggested for bride to be) (Women) 31,500.00
Invigorating Aromategraphy Sea Salt Skin Polish (Men) 33,600.00
Invigorating Aromategraphy Sea Salt Skin Polish (Women) 31,500.00
Hamman Marrakech (Aromateraphy)(Men) 25,200.00
Hamman Marrakech (Aromateraphy)(Women) 21,000.00
Beauty Secrets Special (Men) 33,600.00
Beauty Secrets Special (Women) 31,500.00
Peeling & Whitening Body Scrub (Men) 48,000.00
Peeling & Whitening Body Scrub (Women) 47,250.00
Yulung Yulung (Men) 33,600.00
Yulung Yulung (Women) 31,500.00
Royal Hammam (Men) 42,000.00
Royal Hammam (Women) 36,750.00
Souqla Hammam Skin Lightening (Men) 35,000.00
Souqla Hammam (Women) 26,000.00
Traditional Hammam (Men) 26,250.00
Traditional Hammam (Women) 21,000.00
Extra Brightening Hammam 36,750.00

leave your skin feeling hydrated, cleansed and rebalanced. Commencing with a deep cleansing facial and scalp massage. finally, a mask is applied to balance and hydrate your skin. While the products are working their magic, relax with a hand and arm massage to finish.

Facial Treatments

A facial is essentially a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin (5% VAT Inclusive On All Prices)
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Mesotheraphy (face and neck) Course (12) 420,000.00
Mesotheraphy (face and neck) single 45,000.00
Dermatological Facials 32,000.00
Micro Dermabration 35,000.00
Anti-aging/Firming Facials 33,000.00
Vitamin C Facials 35,000.00
Diamond Facials 42,000.00
Oxygen Facials 65,000.00
Ultrasonic Facials 32,000.00
Galvasonic Facials 35,000.00
Sea Weed Facial 26,000.00
Whitening Facials 32,000.00
Collagen Gold Facials 20,000.00
Collagen Facials 20,000.00
Anti-acne facials 26,000.00
Deep Cleanse 28,000.00

New Facial Treatments

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Deep Cleanse Facial With Micro Dermabrasion 53,000.00
Withening Facial With Micro Dermabrasion 65,000.00
Vitamin C Facial With Micro Dermabrasion 65,000.00
Collagen Facial With Micro Dermabrasion 65,000.00
Anti Aging Facial With Micro Dermabrasion 65,000.00
Acna Facial With Micro Dermabrasion 60,000.00


You can trust us with your waxing for all parts of the body
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Upper Lip 2,625.00
Razor 1,050.00
Tweezer 2,100.00
Chest 3,150.00
Nipple 2,100.00
Tummy Waxing 3,150.00
Eyebrow Waxing 2,100.00
Half Face Threading 7,350.00
Full Face Threading 14,700.00
Eyebrow-threading 4,200.00
Chin Wax 4,200.00
Full Legs 7,350.00
Half Legs 4,200.00
Whole Body 26,250.00
Face Waxing 10,500.00
Back 8,400.00
Underarm 4,200.00
Full Bikini 10,500.00
Brazillian 10,500.00
Bikini 6,300.00
Full Arms 6,300.00
Half Arms 3,375.00
Upper lip 2,625.00

Experience pure indulgence

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