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Hair Treatment

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Hair Treatment

Natural hair care, deep nourishing treatment and hair masks to repair & smooth dry, damaged hair with nourishing argan & olive oil for healthy hair.


Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button
Argan basic treatment for damaged hair 4,000.00
Argan oil protein treatment 3,000.00
Argan oil moisture treatment 3,500.00
Intensive restorative masqe 5,000.00
Argan Oil 1,000.00
Castor Oil 500.00
Super re-constructor for breakage (Berry Fletcher) 6,000.00
Dry and itchy scalp treatment 5,000.00
Berry fletcher washing 5,000.00
Keratin treatment renewal 8,000.00
As I am steaming 5,000.00
Keratin treatment with inoar 20,000.00
Moisture treatment with kera care 5,000.00
Steaming with oil moisturizer and kera care 5,000.00
Steaming with Salon product 4,000.00
Steaming with client product 3,000.00


Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button
Fixing of weavon (frontal) 6,000.00
Fixing of weavon (closure) 5,000.00
Washing and treatment of weavon 2,500.00
Wash and blow dry of weaves 4,000.00
Touch up of Weavon (Tonging) 2,000.00
Fixing of Weavon (regular) 4,000.00


Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button
Undo Braids 2,000.00
Feathers - Price after consultation
Medium twist - Price after consultation
Big twist - Price after consultation
Relocking of Dreads 7,000.00
Short dreads (with attachment) 10,000.00
Long dreads (with attachment) 15,000.00


Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button
Hi-lites with caper cap 400.00
Hi-lites (foil per packet) 40.00
Semi permanent/direct colour 6,000.00
Conditional for colour treated hair 4,000.00


Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button
Straw curls set 5,000.00
Blow dry with roller wrap 4,000.00
Normal relaxer (olive oil) retouching 4,000.00
Positive link 4,000.00
5-1 reconstructor 5,000.00
Fiber guard 6,500.00
Retouching with Afirm product 6,000.00

Caucasian Hair

Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button
Shaving 1,000.00
Trimming of Beards 1,000.00
Root colouring 7,000.00
Blow dry with half wrap 5,000.00
Hair Styling 7,000.00
Retouching with client kit 4,000.00
Retouching with salon kit 7,000.00
Keratin Treatment 20,000.00
Hair colouring with salon product 14,000.00
Hair colouring with client product 10,000.00
Hair cut (children) 2,500.00
Hair cut (Regular) 2,000.00
Hair cut (caucasian) 4,000.00
Kera care steaming 9,000.00
Steaming 5,000.00
Wash and blow-dry 5,000.00

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