Here at Beauty Secrets Skin Care and Spa, you’ll get a wide variety of massage in Abuja to take your pick from. You can get a Volcanic hot stone massage, our Lymphatic drainage massage, and even a scalp massage.

How much does a massage in Abuja cost?

Massage therapy is a flexible, yet efficient, way to spend money. And despite the general misconception of the cost of massage in Abuja being expensive, it’s actually not.

Typically, a 1 hour 30 minutes massage therapy in Abuja should cost about ₦15,000. But if you’re going to extend it to 2 hours, be ready to pay close to ₦25,000.

We offer quite a relaxing Women’s Swedish massage for as low as ₦12,900. Although for men, the same massage therapy in Abuja costs ₦15,050.

The bright side in all this is that, just like delivery services, you can have your massage session brought to your doorstep. Although, that might cost you extra.

You can view our full price list here.

How do I find a massage spa in Abuja?

There’s little difficulty in finding a massage spa in Abuja. Unfortunately, many customers are unsure about where to begin their search. 

Luckily for you, we’ve outlined all the best massage spa in Abuja. But if you prefer, you can ask Google to find you all the spas that offer massage in Abuja at cheap prices. 

However, that could be a dead end. Because these days, everyone claims to own the best spa. 

Although, not every massage center in Abuja is a good one. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does full-body massage include private parts?

The choice of a full body massage in Abuja, including private parts, is all yours. Massage types like the Swedish massage can cover your entire body, with the exception of your private parts.

But overall, it’s expected that your massage therapist is a trained professional who will respect your privacy. And to make the best of your massage therapy in Abuja, you should take a shower, prior to the massage session. 

This will help balance your body temperature and prevent foul body odor that can interrupt your session.

How long does it take to do a full body massage?

The time duration of your massage therapy in Abuja depends on the customer. Some massage sessions can last for 1 hour.

They could even max up to 2 hours, with the option to extend the massage session with an additional 5 minutes or more. However, it isn’t free, of course.

How often should you get a massage?

Amongst other things to know about massage in Abuja, massage sessions are not limited to your body. They also heal your mind.

Ultimately, the answer will largely depend on your physical needs, your stress level, and the cost of a massage in Abuja.

But to make your decision easier, consider how much quality treatment you’ll get for the full experience. The cost might seem ridiculous, but you’ll feel a whole lot better in the end.

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